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Information of RETORTE GmbH according to §§ 8a, 11 of the 12. BImSchV

Dear fellow citizens, dear neighbours,
We, the company Retorte GmbH, produce high-quality selenium products at the Röthenbach site, which are used as food supplements, animal feed additives but also for technical applications. As one of the top addresses for selenium products in Europe, we can look back on a 60-year company history at the Röthenbach location. During this time, the manufacturing process and storage conditions have improved several times. During this time, a new hazardous materials warehouse was built, a new exhaust air purification system was built and the processes were improved in terms of safety.

Due to reclassifications and changes in the law, the plant has now been subject to the Hazardous Incident Regulation for many years. This is mainly due to the storage of our sales products in the form of pure metallic selenium or selenium salts such as .B. Sodium selenite or. Zinc selenite. But also a use of gaseous sulfur dioxide in a process for the production of metallic selenium.

Because despite the use of our substances also in the food cycle, these substances in the wrong concentration are also to be classified as environmentally hazardous and toxic. Extensive safety precautions and our many years of experience have ensured low-risk handling of these substances for years. Nevertheless, operational disruptions, or accidents, or fires, which could lead to a hazard in the immediate vicinity cannot be completely ruled out. For this reason, we would like to provide you with behavioral measures for emergencies.

Rest assured that your safety is an important aspect of our daily actions and that we use our diverse knowledge for the best possible provision. Our systems are at a high level in terms of safety. The obligation to provide information within the framework of the Hazardous Incident Ordinance is an important concern for us.

In principle, in the event of an accident (especially in the case of larger fires) a hazard from corrosive gases or fire gases, but also from precipitation of toxic substances is conceivable. As a rule, this hazard will remain limited to the company property. Nevertheless, we would like to ask you as a neighbor, in the event of a registered incident, or abnormalities for their own protection to observe the following instructions.

The company Retorte has drawn up alarm and hazard plans for possible events, that can develop into an incident and has cooperated with the authorities responsible for hazard prevention (police, the fire brigade and civil protection).

In addition, there are specific arrangements with the authorities for the rapid transmission of information and the initiation of necessary measures to limit the effects of an incident.

All measures taken by us are monitored by the supervisory authorities. If a malfunction occurs, you will be informed immediately by us.

How to behave correctly
Please read this section carefully and memorize these rules of conduct well. They help themselves and possibly others.

Hazard characteristics are
unusual possibly corrosive odor, detectable explosion or fire, unusual pollution on buildings or fireplaces.

Windows and doors:
Close windows and doors as tightly as possible immediately!

Air conditioning and ventilation system:
Turn off ventilation systems and air conditioning systems in the homes and motor vehicles.

Don't stay outdoors anymore. Go to the next closed building and stay there until the danger is over and the all-clear is given by loudspeaker announcements or radio.

Children and neighbours:
Call, or bring children into the house. Notify your immediate neighbor. Help children, elderly and disabled people and temporarily take passers-by into the apartment.

Radio /loudspeaker announcements:
Turn on the radio and select a regional radio station. Pay attention to loudspeaker announcements from the fire brigade and the police.

Do not block the telephone connections to the fire brigade, police and rescue service by asking questions, unless there is a personal emergency.

Further behavior:
Stay away from the scene of the accident and keep the road and paths clear for the emergency services. Pay attention to the all-clear by the police or fire brigade.

Other measures:
The environmental experts of the company, the fire brigade and the environmental authorities will inform you about further measures if necessary.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following contact details.


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