Selenium compounds for technical applications

The advantages of buying selenium products from the world market leader are manifold:

  • Full transparency on the origin and supply chain of products.
  • Our products are characterized by high consistent quality and low iron content.
  • Made in Germany under the highest environmental and ethical standards.
  • ISO  9001 & ISO 45001 certified.
  • Part of Aurubis Group.
  • Professional advice from the experts in our in-house laboratory.
  • Latest insights about application successes for researchers & developers.
  • Individual quantities and custom solutions for your specific production needs.

Provider for highest quality selenium products to industrial productions worldwide

Benefit from our high performance, market-driven prices, excellent delivery availability, and compliance with the highest environmental standards. As world market leader for high-quality refined ultra-pure selenium and selenium compounds. We provide our selenium products to customers from all over the world. Including glass, feed, solar, semiconductor, and optical industries, as well as pharmaceutical, elec-troplating, steel, and fertilizer industries. In addition, we develop individual solutions for your specific production needs, please contact us. Our motivation is to live up to our Slogan: Focused on Selenium.

Selenium Dioxide
Pack Size: 10g

Sodium Selenate
Pack Size: 10g | Quality: technical

Sodium Selenite
Pack Size: 10g | Quality: technical


The industrial applications of selenium are numerous and wide-ranging

We offer ultra-pure selenium in various degrees of purity for the production of various technical applications:
  • Production of alloys
  • Lithium-selenium batteries
  • Solar-cells
  • Photoconducters
  • Mangan electolysis
  • Glass production

Provider for highest quality selenium products to producers of technical applications worldwide

From glass coloring and decolorization to the coating of digital X-ray detectors, the industrial applications of selenium are numerous and wide-ranging. The production of glass represents the consumption of about 50% of the annual demand for selenium products worldwide. Selenium products are used in the production of alloys, as well as in the solar industry, where selenium is a component of CIS/CIGS thin-film solar cells. For the production of these solar cells, ultra-pure selenium of very high quality is required, which must not be subject to any fluctuations in purity. Purest selenium has a purity level of 99.999%. We are one of the few manufacturers who are able to achieve this level of purity. This is the only way to consistently guarantee performance, efficiency and reliability.


Selenium Chemicals & Metals

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