Product information "Sodium Selenate"
Our sodium selenate in powder form and as an aqueous solution for technical applications, including fertilizers, is characterized by high consistent quality and low iron contents. Each batch undergoes extensive quality control in our laboratory!
We offer sodium selenate powder and sodium selenate as an aqueous solution for technical applications with a purity of at least 98% as standard.
Selenium content: 41 - 42%
Degree of purity: min. 99.8 %
Bulk density: 1.3-1.5 kg/l
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Granulometry: 100 % < 1,000 mm (18 mesh) 99,8 % < 0,300 mm (50 mesh) 25 % < 0,045 mm (325 mesh)
Smell: odourless
Packaging: Any packaging unit is available on request! We are happy to discuss your requirements for custom-made products with you.

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